Todd Lyn (Fall 2011) Revelation:Revolution

I was going to withhold from posting/commenting on Paris fashion week shows since many of the popular and obviously talented fashion designers would have already have been reposted across the blogosphere. I do love runway clothing (just like the next fashionista out there)--extraordinary, glamorous and unique, but totally unwearable in the real world. The beauty, the craftmanship, and the influence is breathtaking. But like I said, many are unrealistic to wear.

HOWEVER... I did almost melt when I saw Todd Lyn's creations. I would LOVE to wear this. Loving the solid colors and the mixing of knits with leather. The combination of placement, draping, and color give his collection a futuristic feel.

(images via nymag.com)

If the future looks this good, I can't wait!


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