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It's finally starting to feel like Spring in New York! My garden is in full bloom with tulips and daffodils... love that I walk out the door with the smell of fresh flowers. I can now wear my open toe shoes and bright colors (goodbye gray skies!). I've been incredibly busy the past month doing production work for Brook&Lyn's jewelry launch for Anthropologie (look out for it's premier in May).

Past month has been scheduled as work, class, work, class. Now that things are winding down, I can feel the pressure with exams and deadlines. I sense the end of an interesting year (yes, I know I'm off of a couple of month) and the start of a new beginning around the corner. Cross your fingers for me that things will go my way in the next couple of weeks!


Todd Lyn (Fall 2011) Revelation:Revolution

I was going to withhold from posting/commenting on Paris fashion week shows since many of the popular and obviously talented fashion designers would have already have been reposted across the blogosphere. I do love runway clothing (just like the next fashionista out there)--extraordinary, glamorous and unique, but totally unwearable in the real world. The beauty, the craftmanship, and the influence is breathtaking. But like I said, many are unrealistic to wear.

HOWEVER... I did almost melt when I saw Todd Lyn's creations. I would LOVE to wear this. Loving the solid colors and the mixing of knits with leather. The combination of placement, draping, and color give his collection a futuristic feel.

(images via nymag.com)

If the future looks this good, I can't wait!


Ladies, a new online shop has hit the fashion world. It goes by the name of SABO SKIRT and is run by the two girls from the SABO SKIRT blog. To start shopping go to www.saboskirt.com, and to check out their blog visit www.saboskirt.blogspot.com. Repost this as well as the photograph for a chance to win a $200.00 Gift Voucher at SHOP SABO SKIRT!

Yet another successful blogger become online store owner! Some really fantastic clothing.


Items of Desire

(from right to left)

1. Vintage Avon white owl / / 2. Vintage tea strainer / / 3. Vintage kangaroo cookie jar / / 4. Urban white frill scarf / / 5. Knit scarf felt flowers / / 6. Naked girls teapot / / 7. Alphabrass side table

My latest wants and desires from Etsy and other websites. I especially favor the brass side tables made from the base of old lamps, since my parents actually have a pair of lamps just like these (one of their favorite antique treasures). I like how the company (Ladies and Gentlemen) reused and transformed these lamps into something totally unique.


Rachel Roy

Pull me this way, and that way, and pull me there. I want to dance with the wind in my hair!

Oh Rachel Roy. How you make me bust into a rhyme.


New York Fashion Week: Boy Meets Girl w/ performance by Natasha Bedingfield

Last night was the Boy Meets Girl fashion show, and my very first New York Fashion Week event. Although it was a little chaotic and despite the fact I was in the back standing section, I had a really great time and took AMAZING pictures of the models (if I do say so myself). All these photos were taken by me. I even surprised myself how I was able to take them from where I was standing (and with my newbie skills). I owe it all to my Donna Karan platform wedges + my Nikon. Thank you Boy Meets Girl and Stacy Igel for choosing me as your winner!



I truly love the Fall 2011 collection. The relaxed layers and the gray washed colors would blend perfectly in NYC. Below are my favorite pieces from the runway show, I just LOVE the details:



Zippers, straps, and asymmetrical tops give the wearer an ease for layering. Comfort is key in this collection, which is what I look for in the casual city girl look on the go.


The beautiful and ever talented Natasha Bedingfield with designer Stacy Igel.

Natasha Bedingfield was the reason why I turned down an invitation to attend Tibi AND why I turned down an invitation to Frank Tell. I won invitations to both of them and they both were at the same time as Boy Meets Girl! What are the chances that I would win three fashion week invitations and they would all be at the same time? My luck this week has been ridiculous on my scale (since something like this hardly happens). I was sad to let two great opportunities go, but how could I pass up Natasha Bedingfield??

I bought her latest CD "Strip Me" before heading over to the Metropolitan Pavilion and had my trusty roommate with me. It was all thanks to her that I was able to get Natasha to sign my CD (I kept thinking "I'll be damned if I didn't get her to sign it")!! *SIGH* Such a dream! I wish I could be blonde with her voice.


Beads and prayers

From left to right:
Pracheen bracelets, NTN turqoise and cobalt blue Egyptian necklace
NTN multiple discord necklace, Bodhi seed bracelet

An assortment of my latest wants and wishes from Exclusively.In and Hautelook. The blue, greens, and grays are what I look forward to seeing in the spring.