Anthropologie's new wedding dress brand: BHLDN

I'm a huge admirer of Anthropologie's whimsical style. Their store displays and decor is the type of feeling and look I strive for in my future house. The smell and atmosphere bring me back to a dreamy daze of which I never want to leave.

Now they're coming out with their own line of wedding dresses! I couldn't help but feel the charm emanating through my computer screen. The brand launches this upcoming Monday on Valentine's Day--- how very fitting indeed.

Here are three of my favorites from Glamour Magazine's preview.

I love how the dresses are off-white to give more of that classic vintage feel and not so much of that blazingly-bleached-and-sterilized white look. And the BOW! OH THE BOW!

These are my favorites of their "event dresses" that can dual for other occasions:

Looks like I know what I want my future wedding dress to look like!

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