The weather in New York isn't looking any better, and I realized it's rather difficult trying to take photos outside when everything looks like a ginormous pile of ICE. Who's not looking forward to the eighth-possibly approaching snow storm?

But in any case, the one thing to surely cure my winter blues aside from the sun shining through the cold, gray sky is a giveaway. The hope I might win (and you might win) is enough to cheer me up! I'm feeling LUCKY. To learn more on the details on how to win the Unearthen Cast Pendant Necklace (worth $250), head over to Disarming Darling .

"Each pendant goes through a special casting process. A shard of crystal is included with the liquid metal while it is poured. Each crystal shard settles into each piece uniquely. The result is a one of a kind object which carries the properties of titanium quartz inside of it."

I became semi-obsessed with Unearthen after purchasing their unique watch from Anthropologie a while back. I hate typical looking watches (only wear normal ones when I desperately need it) and refused to wear them until I came across a handcrafted recycled Unearthen watch. But I'm straying away from the giveaway topic.

Unearthen is awesome, and I think it's so fitting that they're becoming more widely known than when I first purchased my watch a year ago. So hop to it folks!

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